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MOP Mixed Greens Moisture Shampoo 250ml

MOP Mixed Greens Moisture Shampoo

£19.00 - £45.00
The daily routine of lather and rinse never worked so well. Dry, processed and abused hair is bathed in luxurious moisture. MOP Mixed Greens Shampoo contains extracts of cucumber, olive oil, peppermint, rosemary and apple cider vinegar to make dry...
Lemongrass Volume Shampoo - 250ml

MOP Lemongrass Volume Shampoo

£19.00 - £45.00
Fat is where it’s at. If other shampoos dry your hair out or weigh it down, then we made this one just for you. MOP Lemongrass Volume Shampoo helps fatten up skinny hair using extracts of chamomile, rice amino acids and of course, Lemongrass...
MOP Citrus Replenishing Shampoo - 250ml

New! MOP Citrus Replenishing Shampoo

£19.00 - £45.00
Bathe chemically treated hair in the goodness of vitamin C, passion flower and abyssinian oil to create healthy shiny hair. This luxurious shampoo neutralises stray oxidants within the hair and on the scalp. It is perfect for neutralising...
Basil Mint Revitalising Shampoo - 250ml

MOP Basil Mint Revitalising Shampoo

£19.00 - £45.00
If your hair feels like it's carrying the weight of the world, then our Basil Mint Revitalising Shampoo is for you. Containing extracts of peppermint, basil, sage and rosemary it lifts away dirt, pollutants and oil, while stimulating the...
Pear Gentle Shampoo - 250ml

MOP Pear Gentle Shampoo

MOP Pear Gentle Shampoo is the kindest, most gentle way we know to cleanse sensitive scalps. It's easy to rinse, and smells just plain yummy.   Naturally infused with pear puree and aloe to soothe and moisturise sensitive skin without drying out...
C-System Clean Shampoo - 250ml

MOP C-System Clean Shampoo

£17.99 - £38.99
This product has unfortunately been discontinued and replaced with MOP Citrus Replenishing Shampoo. C-System Clean Shampoo is rich in vitamins A, C and E to help protect your hair from daily environmental stresses. Our sulphate free and fragrance...
Pomegranate Smoothing Shampoo - 250ml

MOP Pomegranate Smoothing Shampoo

£19.00 - £45.00
Help is at hand to tame those tresses and eliminate frizz with this deeply repairing MOP Pomegranate Smoothing Shampoo. We have teamed up argan and coconut oils with phospholipids, and of course POMegranate Enzyme, to smooth and nourish medium to...